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I am always being asked, "What is it like being a psychic?" and I always feel it’s a wonderful gift to have been given, however there are times when it can be seem like it’s a curse or a nuisance and seeing in order to help others can often get in the way of you being able to conduct your own life, people who fall in love with you sometimes see it as a way of me manipulating things around me, which is not the case, but can appear to others in that way.

The word Clairvoyant means to see clearly, and is related to psychic sight. My first recollections of this seem to come at a very early age, as a baby I have total recall of being in the arms of my parents I can still recall the scents of both my Mother and Father, but I can also recall seeing great clouds of colours and lights, and things that my eyes could focus on seem to have great swathes of light around them.

Seeing events to come in my head as a small child was very confusing, both to myself and others around me, having spirit talking in my head to me and me replying, would have been seen as just a little girl with some kind of imaginary friend. My parents were always on the edge of their seats not quite knowing what I was liable to say to visitors, but what came out of my mouth was total honesty, and was never watered down in any way, I had at that time no concept of how to be diplomatic or sensitive, so would often alienate my little friends, leaving me as a child to play alone.

As one grows up, one learns how to interpret the pictures and the sounds that psychics receive, it takes a lot of practise to understand and develop good interpretation skills. If you see symbols you know that what you see is totally correct, but sometimes you are given pictures of events that have already happened (post recognition) sometimes you may see something as it happens some place else ( remote viewing) and then sometimes you see what is going to happen (pre recognition) Since the pictures seen can come to you from many different areas it can cause great confusion at times. A lot of visions come completely out of context, and it may be that it takes sometime before you can make any sense of what you have been allowed to see, or to see why you have been shown the images.

The visions mostly give support and clarifications to the voices that go with the events. I always seem to receive the visions from the back of my head and from a high mental plane, always accompanied by great lights and colours. Some pictures may appear very vividly in Technicolor, or it may appear as if a brilliant light was shining on the scene. Sometimes the images may be dim and barely seen. Whatever the picture you see, especially the futuristic ones you often also see an alternative, it often means that a certain event will happen as its shown but if the person you are seeing for alters certain patterns of their lives the alternative may take effect. We can sometimes change what may happen we all have freedom of choice; the future is not always set in stone. Sometimes spirits show what would strengthen a future and what may weaken it.

Auras are colour manifestations of energy that are seen around persons, plants animals and most living things. As your clairvoyance skills become stronger and more highly developed you can interpret what the aura colours mean, you do at times get a glimpse of X-ray vision, and are able at times to see into objects, seeing spiritual beings can be like seeing rain and sometimes they can be seen for short glimpses as they are in true form. At times you can observe energy forms of light and dark karma passing between persons. At first I could only see pictures with my eyes closed, but as one gets stronger and more developed you start to observe them with the eyes open. The pictures always seem to appear as if they are about three feet away from me.

I never try to look into my own future, but spirit give you that kind of information all the time, sometimes you see things that can cause great emotional stress to you, especially when it involves the ones you love. The death of my Father was such a time, we shared a cup of tea that morning together, and everything about him was so clear, my third eye was so wide open, and I viewed him in the most beautiful purple and silver light. He kissed me goodbye, and smiled at me and I was told I would never see that smile again. As I drove away I looked back at him in the rear view mirror only to note there was no reflection. Within an hour my Father passed into the next dimension.

There are times when your chakras are fully opened that visions appear with the most radiant white light, usually when visions are accompanied with this kind of vibrant spiritual energy they are very accurate, however when the light is flat and dim the visions are from a lower level and are not always as clear and precise. My most accurate visions very often come when I am resting or asleep in the form of dreams, the dreams are so energised and so vivid, I have foreseen great events happening, accidents, world events, people close to me at the time of my dreams, feature very strong and at times whilst with my partner I can view many events going on within his life, some of it is very mundane and normal and some of it is helpful and very enlightening, I often see him meeting and being with lots of people that I have no connection with. I do try not to spy on others, but I have never found a way to turn off the connections, so I have to adopt an attitude of trying to detach myself.

As my powers of meditation develop it allows me to at times with the power of my mind to view a visualisation from many different angles and also to see inside it, meditation is a wonderful way to focus the mind and combined with the influences of energies from past lives, hopes, dreams the place in which I live and the energies of my dearest friends, all combined to enable me to make better choices not only for myself but for others that share my being and my life. Sometimes the meditations give the ability to turn around a negative situation and produce a more positive outcome.

Every time we visualise something in our minds it is like planting a seed, some seeds take longer to grow than others, some requests are immediate some take years to happen. In order not to limit what your own mind can conceive, always only think and request what is positive don’t give negative thoughts room to grow, or you could provoke bad things to happen. Keep in mind that God’s will comes before yours, Visualisation, or prayer energy is the strongest form of energy (after love) that’s available to us, so use it wisely.

Clairsentience, means clear sensing and gives you the ability to feel someone else’s aches and pains, and sometime by placing my hands onto people it allows me to pick up on others emotions and moods this can allow me to pass warmth and healing to those who suffer, but sometimes I have to be careful not to take on their ailments so its so important to get spirit to put a band of protection around myself before entering into the auras of others.

Some people who have this gift are afraid to be out in the midst of others, as they pick up so much from human contact and many become hypochondriacs, I do not have this fear and I find it improves my love and compassion for others, if I am aware of the problems others have the more I am able to empathise and comfort.

Clairaudience, is the ability to hear so clear sometimes whole poems and come from spirit in such perfect order, I find this mostly happens to myself first thing in a morning when I freshly awaken from my sleep, I try to keep pen and paper by my bed as some of my best inspirations in words come in a matter of minutes. Hearing words psychically is very similar to a long distance telephone call you need to be relaxed and very open to what you hear. There are times when I seem to recognise the voice that I hear but am not aware of any name given to this person, except I know this is the voice of my spirit guide, my guide always maintains the connection, and the voice is at a very high frequency.

Clairaudience, means that in certain conditions and at a particular frequency I have been known to pick up what others say even from a distance, nothing to do with having bionic ears its just like the Doppler effect the sound just comes and diminishes. Some clairaudient people can tune in to music, but for myself that is very rare but I do tune into certain earthly vibrations and earthly sounds in general even the noises that plants , trees and birds everything seems to have its own energy and its own sound and vibration. We are all as human beings able to tune into seven levels of sound, touch and emotions.

I have always been very much aware that my guardian Angel and guide is always around me, the more open I am to him the stronger he is able to communicate. Angels work mainly on ones soul and spiritual development and they seem to give changes to your guides at various times of your life, which takes a lot your energy and quickly makes you feel tired and edgy. Persons upon death do not become Angels but they do become like Angels, our higher level guides are persons who have lived and experienced on the Earth plane.

Sometimes we have agreed to do certain things before we are born and Angels and higher spirit guides help to give us the experience and abilities to carry out what we are meant to do. Very often psychics go through great heartaches and many suffer violence and hurt in order to have the abilities to help others cope with many afflictions. When we have achieved a certain amount of light vibrations, we then resonate to a higher level our minds become vessels for new information and our hearts become vessels for love and compassion. Cooperation between earth plane beings and our higher guides and Angels is incredible in terms of what we are able to accomplish. Angels and guides do not interfere with your karma and your growth. You often hear people say that messages came out of the blue and for many this is true, and many persons have Angels and guides but are just not aware of them, or are unable to hear or communicate with them their messages are usually very subtle, and you need to be very quiet and relaxed in order to hear them.

We all have a third eye in the middle of the forehead a psychic gate at the back of our heads and temples of awareness each side of the head in front of the ears. I strongly maintain that we are all born with psychic abilities, but most people have forgotten how to use two sides of the brain. Ancient man would have had to go out and hunt for food, so he would need to live on his instincts and would need to have psychic awareness in order to survive, but modern humans just go down to the supermarkets buy their food and clothes and therefore the modern human has no need to use their full senses. People like myself are still in touch with themselves and are still able to call on these energies and abilities.

Science always questions the abilities of psychics and yet I truly believe that it will be science that will one day prove, that our brain patterns and vibrations are real and true.

Evolution pushes us continually onward. If we go with it, work with it, open up to it, life despite its trauma’s and challenges can be amazingly interesting and rewarding, and for every bad deed we do, karma will always repay equally for every bit of bread that we throw upon life’s waters, every good deed done is rewarded back to us ten fold.

Truly there are more good persons in this world than bad ones….. May there always be more Love and Light.


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